Young Men

Our leadership team arrived at the Oasis for Saturday Outreach last week after a Youth lock-in.  There were sleeping teens everywhere... on the floor, on the couches, sitting up in a chair, in random rooms in the Kid's wing.I thought about some of the stats we see in our city and most, if not all, stem from problems at home.  Absent dads in our TV generation; Moms living a life without an awareness of their own value; Kids raising kids and missing the opportunity to be a child altogether.Did you know that a child raised in a female-headed home is ten times more likely to be beaten or murdered?  And let's be honest, I don't think I know a person alive who has not felt the impact of an absent parent.  If not in your own home, then in a relationship you've had where someone struggled to trust, or continued to sabotage their life because of their need and lack of family.Real family can heal everything.  Family doesn't have to be our blood family - its the folks you call at 2 am, the ones who help you move, the people who love and accept you where you are, but love you enough to not leave you that way, the people who see your future and hold you accountable for your present.  Young men and women need family.Who's in your world that you can love like family?