The Rats Nest

I have next level white girl hair.  It's emotionally taxing to blow dry (see previous post if you have hair like mine); in fact, when I take the time to actually handle it, I prance into the living room and expect applause (praise, exhortation, "wow baby, you look amazing, thank you for spending the last 90 minutes of your life working out your salvation by doing your hair") from my husband.

Do you see The Rat's Nest in this photo... that is my next level white girl hair.

I was sitting in a meeting that stirred me to think about life.  Life is like this rat's nest.  Mangled strands of story tangled in a tumbleweed of emotion that would be more reasonable to hide that confess, easier to hide behind the rest of the wild mane than to face the impossible task of untangling.

But here's what I've realized:  Not everything can be untangled.  We just have the responsibility to do what we can do.  I've made a lot of messes in my life and my knee jerk reaction is to figure things out on my own (type A personality AKA control freak).  Most of the time I can't.  It takes TIME... prayer... surrender... relationship... TIME... prayer... surrender... relationship... TIME... prayer... surrender and most important, relationship.

Just look how long it took me to untangle The Rat's Nest in my hair... just imagine untangling the mess in our souls.  There are hands in heaven handling that big job over TIME as we pray, surrender, and remain steadfast in relationship.

By the way, apologies for shooting this video during the life inspiring meeting.


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