More Man Food

I remember my single days when fruity drinks got the job done - Robek's Rejuvenator, Scary Green Drinks, Kombucha, Pom Cherry, for example, could fill me up after a terrifying workout with the Pilates Nazi.

Now that I am married, More Man Food is necessary.  Here's what you need for a Man Food smoothie:

IceMRM Organic Dutch Chocolate Whey Protein

A lot of Peanut Butter3/4 Banana for him, 1/2 Banana for herMilk

  • (if you run out, sub a little half & half without telling anyone)
  • (also, sub your half cup of leftover lukewarm, almost cold coffee for her - Delicious)

Magic Bullet or a BlenderBig, Giant Glasses

  • (if you don't have them, one sort of giant glass & one small glass for 2 glass smoothie glory)

No more fruity drinks!  More Man Food please.

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