48 Hours

Worlds collide as time changes.  People persevere through both unbelievable and predictably believable circumstances as we travel through our life, this one and only life we are given.  We live, we laugh, we love, we die, we weep, we remain indifferent.  Indifferent until our particularly parallel paths suddenly run perpendicular. In the last 48 hours, our (the Abercrombies) lives were full.Sometimes full makes you fat.  Sometimes full makes you change.The last 48 hours yielded the latter:  Two outreaches into LA, a beautiful garden wedding, a movie night for 50 people, a benefit for women and children, a personal story at our table from a 67-year-old survivor of human trafficking, Red Cross Blood Drive, a homeless single mom with a newborn, one-year-old and a five-year-old who were given shelter for the night, not to mention what seemed like endless small conversations and situations that needed to be handled, addressed, resolved."Thank you God for our home," my husband almost whispered as we walked in the door.  He drove us on a shuttle to Union Rescue Mission downtown.  He waited as we did intake with the family.  He watched people pitch tents on the street for close to an hour.  He kissed my face when I stepped back on, unable to control the tears spilling down my face any longer.  Earlier that day, he brought me lunch at the table I couldn't leave.  He helped me talk to someone I had to miss a meeting with to handle an emergency.  He holds me close when I feel like I might collapse from all the pain around us."Thank you God for my husband," I whisper.  "And God, I need a bigger heart."  I can't imagine the size of God's heart.  This is one time zone, one city, one marriage, one radical love story, one 48 hours.  What about the rest of the world He sees?  What about all the pain I don't even know about?  What about all the joy?  What about all the love?  What about all the indifference?  We can barely contain what we are still trying to digest - the beauty and the ashes.Our paths intersecting with others in the last 48 hours has changed the trajectory of all our lives.  I just don't know how God does it.  God, I really do need a bigger heart, and I'm glad the one I have is changing.

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