The Red Towel

Lost in Translation was a good film.  Maybe its because I love Bill Murray, but I really enjoyed it.  The title of the film is brilliant, because sometimes things literally are Lost in Translation.


The Abercrombies have just finished Tuesday Taco Night and are making drinks that require... ice.  Cody, the husband, has just beaten the bag of ice on the tile floor to loosen the ice, therefore leaving a massive trail of water that his wife is too anal not to clean.  Ashley, the wife, begins to use her right foot to mop the floor with a red towel.


Don't we use that towel to clean pans?


Nooo, we use this towel to clean the counters and the floor.




Oh Lord.  Marriage Fail.


In marriage, I notice that sometimes, things are lost in translation.  He'd been using the red towel to dry our pans and I'd been using it to clean the floors.  Communication is so critical.

One of my favorite leaders in history was Jesus.  It's almost as if he had to over-communicate to the people he loved so they would apprehend his message.  He told story after story so that people he loved would understand his eternal home, his purpose, his perspective and in turn they learned their own purpose as they adopted his perspective.  Wonder if we have a gift, a talent, a passion, a desire, a relationship that we clean the floor with, when Jesus would rather us use that thing to dry the pans.

When it comes to our purpose, our destiny, the call of God on our lives, are we lost in translation?

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