More Man Food

There's a lot of love in the kitchen.  Some of our best memories happen as sweet smells, salty smells, rich and delicious smells travel from the stove to our nose, through the hallways of our homes.  We sip glasses of wine, enjoy companionship, erupt in laughter.  We share our days, connect and sometimes cry.There's a lot of love in the kitchen and not too many things express love to a man like food... well, there are a few married things... even still it all seems to come back to food.The real chefs in our life put me to shame, but since I am an ordinary wife who throws some things in the kitchen together, tonight's surprise dish of successful Man Food was worth sharing.  Toss some olive oil, minced garlic, rosemary and capers into a pan and saute.  Add a little lime juice and a little balsamic vinegar as well.  When its slightly bubbly, add peppers (we like the variety of red, green and yellow) and cook until soft.  Add chicken breast (or tenders - trader joe's has a huge affordable frozen bag that you can keep in your freezer at all times) and a lid to steam the chicken a bit.  When it is time to flip the chicken, add diced tomatoes (salt, pepper and thyme to taste) and let simmer together.30 minutes prior to this, potatoes were roasting in the oven.  Quarter red potatoes and toss them in a glass pan with olive oil, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper (shake them up so they are evenly coated).Add a green salad and whatever wine you have (pinot grigio would have been perfecto, but we only had red in the kitchen :), or if you don't drink alcohol, water with lemon or lime... or if you're like us, the lemons and limes have usually gone bad in our bowl of fruit we forget to eat, so just water will do.Mr. Abercrombie ate his whole plate.  Another successful Man Food night.  For better, delicious Man Food recipes, please visit my favorite chef, Lucinda Scala Quinn's blog:

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