Must See, Must Do: The West Side

I love adventure... by myself, with friends, with my husband.  For everyone who knows me, its not shocker that the first "Must See, Must Do" in LA on my list is Urth Caffe.  Its not only the best coffee in our city, its necessary to carry on viewing the rest of our city.  Highly recommend the Honey Vanilla Latte with organic milk (my favorite drink for 10 years strong) or the English Breakfast Tea Latte with a side of carrot cake.  Carrot cake, as it turns out, is also delicious for breakfast (and if you're active, its mostly burned off by the end of the day).Coffee in hand, head a little west to the Holocaust Museum on Pico.  The history, the afternoon talks from Holocaust Survivors, the civil rights exhibits, and the tenacity of people will stop you dead in your tracks.  Notice the silence of the church in the Holocaust and the rise of the church during Civil Rights movement - learn history so we are not, as they say, doomed to repeat it.Continue your journey west in Los Angeles to the breathtaking Getty Museum.  The richness of this legacy is surprising and inspiring.  Art, gardens, photographs, and rotating exhibits make this place fun and interesting.  Bring a picnic lunch, rest on the grounds and love the fact that parking is the only expense you'll incur.West on Wilshire (best to avoid the 10 freeway at this time) to the Santa Monica Pier.  Play skeeball in the arcade, be disgusted with the amount of pigeons (the rat of the bird family), and ride the funnest Ferris Wheel in our city, especially at dusk.  The smell of the ocean that mostly drowns out the smog and the sound of children's laughter is invigorating.  Bonus:  Fabulous shopping and eating across the street at Third Street Promenade.Head north on the Pacific Coast Highway for a beautiful drive and stop off at Paradise Cove for quite honestly, the worst fried calamari (and food for that matter) on the Earth.  Why I continue to go after ten years, I have no idea, except for the fact that you can bring your own bottle of wine and lounge in these fabulous chairs behind the restaurant that overlooks the ocean, which crashes the wall in front of you.  Great way to finish the evening and by the time you get back on the freeway to go home, traffic will be practically non-existant.Stay tuned for an adventure from Silverlake to Downtown to World on Wheels on Venice Blvd.

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