I Might Have ADD

I just might have ADD.  Let me know what you think.  Here's the breakdown of my unusual morning.11:33 am:  Woke up. I know, I know. Please do not be jealous of or judge me. This never happens - I never sleep this late. It's terribly exhilarating, extremely guilt inducing; nevertheless, I feel like a new human.11:47 am:  Brushed my teeth. Must. Do. This. Upon. Awakening. Certain members of my household who have a dentist for a father wait until after breakfast. Ew.11:52 am:  Piled all the books I am reading onto bed with Bible. Shoot, I need coffee.11:53 am:  Poured coffee grinds into coffee pot and almost seasoned them with Cayenne Pepper (again) instead of Cinnamon.11:55 am:  Back to bed, where I checked twitter, facebook, with my bible on my lap. I should light a candle, I thought, Voluspa candles smell so good and that would be nice.12:16 pm:  Have read the same sentence in my Bible 14 times and also called my brother to chat. Forgot coffee, so must go get that.12:17 pm:  Coffee poured, Ashley hungry... And since I am too lazy to make breakfast, I'll get down the peanut butter pretzels. Salt. Sweet. Yum.12:18 pm:  Back to bed, which I feel embarrassed about - I am a 31 year old woman still in bed on a Monday... Oh! I got text messages...12:31 pm:  Back to 1 Kings (same sentence). I really need to wash my hair today... Dry Bar App open... Should I go today or go Thursday? Cody will know - I'll text him.12:46 pm:  He's not answering my text. How can I make this decision without him? I bet he's in a meeting. What should I do? What if the app won't hold my appointment? I'll call him.1:01 pm:  I'll just go today. Back to 1 Kings (next sentence). But now I am really hungry. I'll just reheat leftovers. Turn oven on, pop in potatoes.1:11 pm:  Back in bed. Husband texts "I'm okay with either :)" Shew, cause I picked today at 4:30 pm. I better check twitter and look at foreclosures and check out that resort spa...1:41 pm:  Is something burning? What is that? Oh no! The potatoes! I pull them out of the oven and decide its time to get out of bed... which means I bring my blanket and phone with me to the table.1:46 pm:  Per request, emailed some tax stuff to handsome husband, dumped burnt potatoes on a plate, sat at table... Oooh, my laptop is open - I should write a blog!2:17pm:  Here we are.2:22 pm:  Done with these disgusting potatoes... back to bed where I plan to actually read 1 Kings and all the other books on my bed before 3:30pm when I have to shower and drive to the Dry Bar.How many of you think this will actually happen? Anyone else have these mornings, er... afternoons?TAKEAWAY:  Its actually quite fun to be so inefficient. Must. Do. This. More.