Abercrombie Anniversary in Photos

Can you believe its been a year? Us either, and we had a wonderful time. A close friend blessed us with a trip to Terrenea in Rancho Palos Verdes, which is the most gorgeous resort ever... Cody wouldn't let us honeymoon here (Sidebar: Dominican Republic was spectacular), so it was an incredible treat for us.


Please go to Brooklyn Bagel and get the Whole Wheat Eggwich with bacon and Tilamook Cheddar Cheese. Please don't spill half of your latte on a silk shirt when your husband runs over a massive bump in the middle of the road at 50 MPH like I did.

The drive included scenery like this.

This is the unbelievable bungalow we stayed in... I cried... Well, after I picked my jaw up from the floor.

Reminded us of our honeymoon...


Our favorite spot on the patio by the fireplace.

Per usual, I did something absurd, like drop my charm to my favorite necklace down the drain, which required my husband to display his successful plumber skills.


Love this man forever... Best dinner we've ever had at Mar'sel Best part was an 80 year old couple with a 9pm reservation. He had a suit, she had on fur... He pulled out her chair and brought a flashlight to read the menu. We aspire.

Cliffs by the private beach


Our view from our favorite room in the spa, of which I have 20 photos. Yes, I will spare you.

Spa Pool where I read "Outlanders" on my Kindle, the new LA Magazine (if there was ever a month to get it, its this one - 20 years this month since the LA Riots - 8 covers on shelves), and a trash mag. There, I confessed.

I heart cacti. Colorful, large, potted cacti.

Our last few moments at Terrenea...

We made it home safely and on our actual anniversary (April Fools Day), we got take out PF Changs, and watched our wedding video footage for the first time. We cried, prayed and thanked God for His goodness in our lives and in our marriage.

Love from the Abercrombies. We pray you're flourishing in your life and in your home.