Fire Roasted with the Mister

I have a married woman confession: I have cooked dinner only twice in the last two weeks. Yes, I went out of town and yes, at lunch today a friend told me I was DTM (doing too much), but when I just asked my hubby, "Babe, when is the last time I made you dinner?" the long pause and the confused look on his handsome face said everything I need to know.5 minutes later, "Oh yeah babe, remember, you made that salmon and couscous with the kale? That was last week when you got home and it was goooood!"All I can say is thank God for Christine Caine's podcast today on marriage and motherhood where she says being a great wife and mom doesn't mean dinner on the table every night and homework with the kids after school. If it weren't for her, I might consider my role as wifey in serious jeopardy.Anyway, in effort to spend more time together, we worked 7 to 4 pm today, so we'd have the whole evening open to watch Smash, Once Upon a Time and a reality show that I cannot confess to you (CLUE: POT LEDOM). That brings me back to dinner - I'm into the whole "what's in the house?" style of cooking. (= I am too tired to go shopping today.)Here's what I had: 2 cans of fire roasted tomatoes, frozen chicken, bell peppers, basmati rice, chicken broth, mixed greens & a cucumber. Here's what I made (It was delicious, by the way):

Fire Roasted Chicken with Bell Peppers & Basmati Rice

(like that "Everything I Have in the Cupboard Title"?)

Heat olive oil (coconut oil is better for those of you who can stomach it... I regret that I cannot) in a cast iron skillet on medium to high heat. Salt and pepper mostly thawed out chicken breast and when the pan is hot enough, cook the chicken until golden brown. Remove from the pan.Add minced garlic to your liking (two small spoonfuls for us) and toss in chopped bell peppers and cook until crispy tender. Add two cans of fire roasted tomatoes, half a cup of chicken broth, 2 teaspoons of chili powder and 1/2 teaspoon of cumin - bring to a broil and then reduce heat - for about six minutes. Add the chicken back into the mixture, smother it and let it cook five more minutes or so.Before you start cooking, make rice or couscous (again, we chose basmati because its all we had), so its ready when you're done. Chop up cucumbers and toss them onto mixed greens for a side salad.Serve the chicken dish over rice with a side salad. If you're a vegetarian, use veggie broth and no chicken - it will be just as yummy! Now, we've actually purchased the movie "Valentines Day" and I must get back to business with my husband.