Compton Initiative

[youtube=]On Saturday, we had the honor of partnering with the Compton Initiative. Over a thousand people rallied together before the crack of dawn to overhaul homes, neighborhoods, streets, schools and churches.I am so proud of our team! We've never worked this hard on a local project. At 6:15am on the way to Compton, the shuttles were buzzing. On the the way home at 2:00, the only thing buzzing was our snoring.The power of collaboration is growing in Los Angeles and what we can do together far exceeds anything we can do as a singular organization or individual. We are so thankful to have crossed paths with the leaders of this project, who are teaching us how to commit, as a team, to a city.The Compton Initiative is a 40-year project. That's right, 40 years, not days, not weeks, not months, YEARS. For young bucks like me, this is an incredible example. We feel called to Los Angeles for life and we are committed to bringing lasting change to our city over a lifetime through justice efforts specifically. In today's world, that decision is not painless. The faithfulness of others gives us hope that lifetime dedication toward the advancement of restoration is actually possible.Our next Compton Initiative is Saturday, October 20th. We hope to double or even triple our volunteers. There's no reason we can't - this is our city.Collectively, we have a big job to do.   

LA, Outreach@AshAbercrombie