Why You Matter

The Lorax"There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself." Do you remember the movie Adventures in Babysitting? Good  old Daryl Coopersmith, naughty, weasel of a neighbor, AKA Anthony Rapp, coined this quote.How right he is.In all of time, no one will ever bare your DNA, your fingerprints, your genetic make-up. You are one of a kind. If you do not discover and live out what you were created to do, the world at large will notice and miss you. We were all created to count. We matter and we have the potential to make a difference wherever we find ourselves.Whatever our job, our role in history is significant. It reaches beyond what we do into who we are. For those of us wondering what our purpose is, and for those us convinced of our purpose, I want to share an invaluable resource with you.In February, the Justice Conference came to Los Angeles and we will never be the same. Generous as the conference founders are, the videos are now available online for free. Hear from Dr. Bernice King, MLK's daughter, Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and creator of Storyline life plans, Bryan Stevenson, who has spent time with Rosa Parks and is a communication genius, Eugene Cho, passionate about people not becoming our projects, Justin Dillon, filmmaker, musician, creator of Slavery Footprint and the guy who basically challenged Steve Jobs to have slave free production lines for all apple products. By the way, he won that challenge. As of January 2014, apple is slave free.There are many more brilliant people doing good where they are that we can learn from. I challenge you to listen, to learn, to apply, to grow and to change with me and thousands of others who sat under the philosophies and realities of ordinary people committed to living out purpose right where they are. Click here and I promise you won't be the same.Share with friends, co-workers, family. Plot and dream and dare together to live a life larger than your own. You matter because you do.