How to be an Advocate (Video)


Hello dear friends; I've been missing you.I blinked, and it's December. I remember when the old folks would talk about how time flies, and I would roll my eyes, and wish I was 16. (Looks like I am the old folk now.) Speaking of old, I had to buy new make-up, because Bare Essentials that I have been using since 2002 is no longer cutting it. Also, I am looking for a good neck cream. Cause y'all, this is serious. Hook a sister up.2017 is almost over, and it has been quite a year. The future is unknown and uncertain. On Thursday nights, a group of women gathers in our home to talk about justice, and what it means to contribute to the world we live in today. We've laughed, cried, blown off steam, shouted each other down, and created safe space for us to share how the issues of our day are impacting our lives, and our faith.One thing I know we need in our world today, are advocates. People who come alongside, who partner with others in reciprocity, and who stand up for truth and love and justice. I am passionate about this, and had the opportunity to teach a message about the advocate at our church, and I wanted to share it with you. I hope it will be a blessing to you, as you continue to live and love and endure throughout every season of life.You have something the world needs. I don't pretend to understand how DNA works, but what I do know, is that no one, throughout all of time and eternity, will ever have your DNA. The imprint you were created to make matters. You count. We need you, and your contribution is necessary. So give what you have. Rise up and create. Stand up and advocate. Show up and be present. Do what's in your heart to do. We won't be the same without you.

Click here (or the photo) to watch the message. I cannot help you process my hair. You are on your own. But, bangs, and kids. That's all I can say about it.