How to Wear Make-Up when You're almost 40


What had happened was, I went to speak in Los Angeles, had the time of my life, and then saw some photos of myself, looking like I didn't have one drop of make-up on, probably because I was wearing the same make-up I have been wearing since 1999, (I tell no lie. 1999.) I have been doing my make-up so long, that I can drive a stick shift while I put it on, paint my whole face without a mirror, and put it on wherever I am (train, uber, bus, whatever).

Granted, I had a newborn child, but he was actually sleeping, so tired wasn't the problem; wasting precious time on make-up, only to look exactly the same as I did before I put the doggone make-up on, definitely was. Listen, Bare Escentuals was perfect for my 20's when I was a young squirrel living large, and also for my early 30's when I was California tan, doing pilates, eating carob chips, but not for my closer to 40 than 30, breastfeeding is my workout, New York pasty white skin vibes.

15 years of recovery, and I've been living in denial this long about powder still looking good on my face. Also, I only recently started washing my face properly and using lotion and face cream. Do I have any friends out there?

I've changed some things, and a bunch of you asked me to share, so, I am. Sometimes, a good light-hearted post is necessary. And I love to remind us all, that we're beautiful, at every age and stage. Rage on sister. You're fabulous, and I'll take all your tips on life, love, and beauty. Share your wealth below! Here's my new process for you."What I look like will always be superior to who I am" was one of the lies I believed most of my life. I talk about this in an awesome video series with my Pastor, friend and mentor, Andi Andrew. She has six videos for download to help you find freedom from things like shame, rejection, anger, isolation, and more. I loved filming this with her (mine was about freedom from fear and anger), and I think you'll love it too! Download yours today.

 No make-up at all. Pirate Game Strong Tho.

This is me after preaching at Expression 58 in LA, with one of my besties, whose make-up is always on point. See how it looks like I have not one drop on?! But I do. A full face, in fact.

Me with the new make-up, and this is the Instastory photo that so many of you responded to, and I decided to talk about this topic! Thanks for forcing me way out of my comfort zone.

"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others." - Audrey Hepburn