How to Quit What You Need to Quit


Quitting was not an option for me growing up, and I am thankful to have the capacity to work through hard things, to stay faithful in adversity, to endure in relationships. What I really appreciate about my upbringing is that we didn't get a rescue from difficult situations, be it patronizing, elitists at my first job at the country club, or a teacher who really wasn't fond of me, or a coach who pushed me harder than I thought I deserved. My mom's help and encouragement in these areas has given me courage and strength to deal with real life, because it is what it is. We all know what it's like to have to work for, with, and lead people who spend their mornings taking crazy pills.

With my character proven over the last several decades of staying, I had to learn (the hard way) the power of quitting. Giving up my hurts, habits and hang-ups helped me let go of the past, to live in the present, and pursue the future I wanted.The more difficult lesson for to learn was how and when to leave people and places, especially as a person who highly values loyalty, and who has not always maintained a strong sense of self. But unsafe people and places hinder our purpose, and keep our world small. When we are courageous enough to step out of unhealthy relationships and spaces, we discover the world is larger, healthier, and more generous than we ever imagined.

Sometimes we think that quitting messes with our calling, but the calling remains, no matter the setting. 

On this week's podcast, my friend Tiffany Bluhm and I tackle "Why Quitting Could be the Best Decision Ever Tho", and if you're wrestling with whether or not to quit a situation, person, or thing, we'd love to share our wisdom and encouragement with you. How to quit what you need to quit is a click away, so live your best life, and let's keep asking, WHY THO?We're available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and Spotify. Yassss.