Ashley Abercrombie
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About Ash

Growing up in the South, I watched the women in my life do “a little truth-telling.” The older I get, the more I realize that old-fashioned truth-telling, seasoned with sweet grace, makes relationships richer, normalizes our shared human experience and empowers us to live freely and fully.

Ashley Abercrombie fought to overcome addiction, rape, abortion, perfectionism and dysfunctional relationships to become an honest, whole and free woman (most days). She wore a mask more than half her life, and considers herself too old, and too annoyed to ever put that thing on again. She has been in urban, multicultural, racially diverse ministry for more than 15 years, leading people and teaching and preaching at Bible studies, classes, schools, small groups, and Sunday services.

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She has an unrelenting passion for justice, particularly anti-human trafficking and mass incarceration initiatives, and served the city of Los Angeles for seven years, winning commendations from the LAPD and Los Angeles Mayor’s office, before transitioning to Manhattan to pastor at Liberty Church, Downtown, alongside her husband, Cody. Ashley is an Executive Board Member of Treasures, a non-profit that reaches and supports women in the sex industry and victims of sexual exploitation, while training leaders globally.

Ashley is a blogger and a writer, featured in many magazines and digital outlets, including Darling, Relevant and Grit and Virtue. Her YouVersion Bible study, Finding God in the Hard Places, has been completed by over 200,000 people. Her first book will be released in the Fall of 2019, with Baker Books. Alongside fellow author and speaker, Tiffany Bluhm, Ashley is the co-host for the hilarious and helpful podcast Why Tho, which debuted at #57 on the iTunes Religion & Spirituality charts.

The Abercrombies are nearly brain dead from sleep deprivation, but love their life, raising two incredible sons, Levi and Lucas, in their beautiful neighborhood in Harlem, New York.


My Coffee:

At home, Aeropress Shots, with frothed heavy whipping cream, 1 pump Vanilla + Agave. All Day Son, All Day.

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Deep Abiding Passions:

Biscuits, Friends, French Fries (sweet, curly, whatever), Family, Good Shower Caps


Something I Wish was Everywhere:

Bojangles + Kindness


Consistent Daily Habit:

Alkaline Water, Reading my Kindle, Kisses


Always in My Purse:

Lana lipstick by NARS, Gum, Bougie Pens, Random Legos, Keys


Books I Read Almost Every Year:

Changes that Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud + Safe People (same author)