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If you're tired of smiling on the outside while you are broken and battered on the inside, Ashley Abercrombie has a message for you – it's okay to tell the truth about yourself and what you've been through. In being brutally honest about her own struggle to overcome addiction, rape, abortion, perfectionism, and dysfunctional relationships, she helps you break the silence on your own pain and shame in order to find healing, encouragement, and ultimately acceptance. You'll learn to listen to your gut, courageously own your story (no matter how messy), and release those around you to do the same.
"Ashley has shared the truth in a profound and honest way that enables readers to enter into her broken humility and frees us to join in her truth-telling. In a world hiding behind a veneer of perfection, this book makes the most broken topics beautiful."

Bianca Juarez Olthoff, pastor, speaker, and bestselling author of Play with Fire

"First of all, I simply love Ashley and believe in her unique voice. I found myself laughing out loud and shouting amen, all while being captivated by each story and Scripture, broken down in ways that brought new perspective. Practical, personal, and powerful, Rise of the Truth Teller will cause you to dig deep, open your eyes, and ask some real questions while being compelled to face yourself honestly, walk in wholeness with Jesus, and rise up."

Andi Andrew, author, speaker, host of the Coffee with Andi podcast, founder of She Is Free, and cofounder of Liberty Church

"Rise of the Truth Teller has much insight and wisdom desperately needed in a time when many women are experiencing an identity crisis. This must-read reminds us that our lives are not our own and glorifying God is the ultimate fulfillment of life. Though you will find yourself challenged by the convictions laid out in this text, by the end you will undoubtedly be blessed and inspired to confidently be who God has called you to be!"

Heather Lindsey, founder of Pinky Promise, author, and speaker

"Through a wise, engaging, and poignant voice, Ashley helps us realize not only the power of our own story but the freedom that comes from fully embracing it without shame or regret. She weaves together tangible steps for each of us to follow to take off our masks and enter into relationships that can help us heal and thrive. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to reengage with their heart, truly trust again, and live peacefully in the beautiful tension of the process."

Sarah Dubbeldam, CEO and editor in chief of Darling Media

"Ashley's authenticity, insightful reflections, lived experience, and loving truth telling will invite readers to live the bravely honest and meaningful lives we were designed for. Also, there is no doubt in my mind that Ashley will be recognized as one of the most incredible writers of our time. So, even if you aren't ready to take off the mask or get woke, you will still enjoy her brilliant use of the English language."

Harmony (Dust) Grillo, founder of Treasures and author of Scars & Stilettos

"Ashley shares good old-fashioned truths we all need to hear, no matter what season of life we find ourselves in. Like us, Ashley is no stranger to heartache, loss, grief, and struggle, and she reminds us, page after page, that truth and grace are tucked in every corner of our lives, given to us by the Truth himself."

Tiffany Bluhm, author of She Dreams and cohost of the Why Tho podcast

"Ashley Abercrombie has truly written the book of the hour! It is so relevant and raw. We live in a world of 'fake.' Nothing is as it seems, but this is the season where we must come clean by airing our dirty laundry that has never been placed in the washing machine of God's grace. May we all develop a new level of transparency and vulnerability that will create deeper bonds with one another instead of the bondage that results from pretending we are perfect."

Maria Durso, author and pastor of Christ Tabernacle

"Ashley proves that the truth, the honest truth, is an invitation to the table. When she shares vulnerably about her life, her experiences, her journey--something deep inside of you boldly rises to meet her. Rise of the Truth Teller is timely and timeless, funny and sobering, confronting and full of compassion at every turn. It's refreshing to see someone write a book this poignant. I believe with all of my heart that Ashley rising to be a truth-teller will set generations free to do the same."

Courtney Lopez, president of West of Fairfax

"Ashley is not afraid of telling the truth in her new book, Rise of the Truth Teller. Get ready to laugh and cry, and be refreshed by her real and raw stories. Her vulnerability and transparency are contagious! I feel more courageous and ready to own my story and rise to be a truth teller!"

Monica Ahn, pastor, speaker, and advocate

"Rise of the Truth Teller is powerful, hilarious, deep, transformative, and such a timely word for women of every age and ethnicity! I laughed, I cried, I couldn't put it down, and most of all I felt like hope and freedom were imparted into my soul. I have the privilege of knowing Ashley, and my goodness, that woman is the real deal. Her passion for God and people and her pursuit of kingdom justice are astounding and contagious."

Jennifer Toledo, author, colead pastor of Expression 58 Church Los Angeles, and founder of The Justice Group

"With deep, personal, and pastoral conviction and writing with gut-level candor and wit, Ashley shares the need to move beyond our masks and completely embrace the honesty of our humanity. The message of her book calls the reader to engage the process of truth telling, affirming the integrity and freedom it brings, further moving people toward much-needed individual and collective restoration."

Michelle Ferrigno Warren, activist and author of The Power of Proximity

"In Rise of the Truth Teller, Ashley Abercrombie feels as if she is across the table holding your hand, sharing her story and championing you through yours. Ultimately, she fearlessly declares God's hope if we are willing to acknowledge and accept who we are and whose we are. This book is a challenge to every faith-filled person to look inside our soul and reveal the truth we may be trying to hide, to 'name it and tame it' and to pursue power, reconciliation, and justice."

Mandy Cook, wife, mom of two, and owner of Chick-fil-A, Fulton Street, Manhattan
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Ashley Abercrombie wore a mask more than half her life, and considers herself too old and too annoyed to ever put that thing on again. She has fought to overcome addiction, rape, abortion, perfectionism, and dysfunctional relationships to become an honest, whole, and free woman (most days) and has been in multicultural urban ministry and justice work for more than 15 years. During that time, she has taught Bible studies, classes, small groups, and workshops on reconciliation and justice, as well as Sunday services. Ashley is a content creator, and more than 200,000 people have completed her YouVersion Bible App devotional. She's currently doing that work while serving at Liberty Church in downtown Manhattan. A blogger, writer, and speaker, Ashley lives with her husband, Cody, and their two sons in Harlem.