Sneak Peek: Book Cover and Title


As a little girl, I dreamed of being a full time writer, in New York City. I most definitely thought I would be a little fashionista, hanging out with Voguers, and probably Oprah, but since I write to you in Mom jeans, a grey tee, and classic Reeboks, Vogue is for sure off the table. (Oprah shall forever remain in my dreams.)Last fall, I signed a two-book deal with Baker Books, and I've completed my first book, to be released on October 1, 2019, wherever books are sold! Here's a sneak peek of my cover, and title, which is already available for pre-order.


I'm writing to you with an airy view of the Hudson River (the dirtiest body of water in America, unfortunately), on one of my writing days, so my friend, dreams might take for DOGGONE EVER, but they do happen, so keep on keeping on. I'm living proof that God can take a wild and crazy history, and write a new story of power and grace.I like to lead with the broken bits of my life, because I think most of us are trying to figure out how to act like we've mostly got our crap together. It's easier than risking rejection, or criticism. But the pretending and performing is exhausting, and we all just need some safe space to take our mask off, and be who we really are, on the way to who we're becoming. Owning our story is critical to this process.When we own our stories, we are freed from the sting of shame, and the fear of being found out. We learn that we can tell it like it is, candidly and kindly. And we don't have to wait to live our best lives "someday when..." Wherever we are right now, whatever our responsibilities and concerns, we can live with grace and gumption.Living out loud, with confidence and courage, has a way of inspiring others to do the same. That's not a personality type, by the way; there's a unique God-given capacity in each of us to live boldly and freely, impacting people as we go. There's a reason you were born into the chaos and opportunity of this digital age, and we need what you bring.Cheering you on my friend! AshleyPS Amazon and Barnes & Nobles have my book on sale RIGHT NOW!!PPS Wanna join my launch team? Details will be announced soon! Watch this space, as the cool kids say, and share your email below to get a freebie, and all the good news first, straight to your inbox.